New Folding@Home GPU client is tuned for Fermi

Folders, take note. Stanford University has released a beta Folding@Home GPU client specially tuned for Nvidia's Fermi architecture, which should be good news to anyone who's laid down the cash for a GeForce GTX 470 or 480 graphics card.

Stanford's Vijay Pande says the third-generation GPU core in this client uses the OpenMM molecular modeling library—another Stanford University project. According to Nvidia, which blogged about this release, the new client is "the first Folding@home GPU client to achieve more than 1 microsecond per day performance."

Nvidia also stresses that it worked closely with the Folding@Home team to "jointly craft an efficient client tuned to the Fermi architecture." Separately, Pande notes that his team is "actively pushing ATI support," although they have no time table for the release of a third-gen GPU client tuned for the latest Radeons.

Download links for the new GPU client and instructions can be found here in Pande's forum post. You'll want to grab the latest drivers from Nvidia's website, as well. And while you're at it, you might as well join team 2630 to fold for TR, if you're not already doing so.

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