KickAss Gear reviews Abit KT7A-RAID

Their review is here. Although enough time should have passed to allow the VIA KT133 / 133A chipsets to reach full bloom, these motherboards still require a bit of tweaking to reach optimum performance (TR's review of the Abit KT7-RAID is here). With full control over the clock multiplier and FSB speeds using SoftMenu III, KickAss Gear was able to get a Thunderbird 900MHz stable at 8 X 140MHz FSB = 1.12GHz. Unlocked 1.2GHz processors are floating around so overclocking has never been more rewarding. As their ATA-100 RAID and Ultra160 SCSI testing shows, real world ATA-100 RAID performance still leaves something to be desired. Hopefully, better drivers from HighPoint will be forthcoming. Until DDR motherboards mature, the Abit KT7A series of boards remain great choices for the Athlon and Duron. This is a very readable and well-written review.
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