Corsair extends SSD warranties to three years

When we published our three-way SandForce SSD round-up a couple of weeks ago, we voiced disappointment that the warranty coverage for Corsair's Force F100 ran out after two years. Three-year warranties are pretty standard in the hard drive industry, and most SSD makers have matched that mark. Now, so has Corsair. The company has extended the warranty coverage for all its solid-state drives to three years. Older drives are grandfathered in, so users who have already purchased a Corsair SSD will be covered by the longer warranty, as well.

In related news, Corsair has also let us know that it's now free to use the mass-production "Max IOps" firmware that had previously been exclusive to OCZ's Vertex 2 SSD. We didn't find that the firmware did much for performance in our tests, but this should allow Corsair to keep the Force up to date with new firmware revisions released by SandForce.

Corsair is still mulling whether to let Force users choose between firmware with 7% or 28% overprovisioning. At the moment, those options are covered by different Force models. The F100 offers 100GB with 28% overprovisioning, while the F120 gets you 120GB with 7% overprovisioning. The F200 and F240 follow a similar pattern.

We've updated our SandForce SSD round-up to reflect these changes, but they don't alter our overall recommendations or conclusions

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