Cellophane Tape Day Shortbread


  1. Intel tells users: You don't need future-proof GPUs
  2. Fudzilla reports Nvidia's GTX 470 is not a hit
  3. t-break on world's first notebook with SLI and CrossFire support
  4. Boy Genius Report reports AT&T confirms to employees new iPhone launching in June
  5. DSLReports: Comcast insider reiterates that Comcast tier changes loom
  6. Fedora 13 released (Linux distro)
  7. Edge reports Natal to cost $149 - source

Cellophane Tape Day

  1. Ars Technica: Is Microsoft's shake-up enough to get E&D back on track?
  2. TechFlash on Microsoft, Allard, and 'reinvention'
  3. TUAW reports Apple passes Microsoft to reach 2nd on U.S. market cap list
  4. DigiTimes reports motherboard makers cut orders for PC ICs, say IC
    design houses and silicon wafer prices could rise 15 - 30% in 3Q10
  5. Fudzilla reports PC sales keep going strong
  6. Computex 2010: Wintel tablet to get spotlight while ARM devices linger in the shadows
  7. Fortune: 30% of netbook shoppers got an iPad
  8. Water cooling for supercomputers unveiled in Switzerland
  9. PC Perspective reports AMD Fusion APUs to be built at both GlobalFoundries and TSMC
  10. TC Magazine reports EVGA's Classified SR-2 dual-socket board
    up for pre-order and Kingston intros the HyperX blu memory line
  11. VIA Labs demos world's first 4-port USB 3.0 host controller at Computex 2010
  12. Japanese team discovers 'super disc' material which may enable
    data storage capacity thousands of times greater than a DVD
  13. TC Magazine reports hp rolling out 4 more widescreen monitors
  14. DailyTech reports Sony unveils screen capable of rolling
    to 4mm diameter
    while showing moving images
  15. Analyst: 40% of AT&T customers may head to Verizon if there's a vPhone
  16. Gizmodo reports Apple speaks out about Foxconn suicides
  17. SuperSite for Windows on Microsoft vs. Google: Three screams and a cloud
  18. CNBC reports Facebook adjusts privacy controls after complaints
  19. Switched reports Warner Bros. sued for pirating anti-piracy tech
  20. FSF: Apple's iTunes Store terms of service at odds with GPL
  21. TechFlash reports Amazon builds digital music market share versus Apple
  22. Seriously, we're exactly like Google! isoHunt makes its case
  23. FCC survey estimates 30 million get billshocked
  24. Phone Scoop reports FCC offers consumers advice on ETFs
  25. BCCHardware podcast #50
  26. Dealzon's deals: $350 off 15.6" hp dv6t Select w/ touchscreen, $300 off 17.3" hp Envy 17,
    $20 off 80GB Intel X25-M SSD, and $310 off 46" Samsung 1080p LCD TV

  1. Expreview's Nvidia ForceWare 257.15 beta driver performance test
  2. Ars Technica reports VMware gives Fusion a major speed boost with 3.1 update
  3. C|Net reports Microsoft warns on Windows 7 upgrade tool
  4. ServiceOS: Microsoft's morphing browser-operating system project
  5. InfoWorld reports new browser add-on blocks Google Analytics
  6. Netflix taps Microsoft PlayReady as its primary DRM technology
  7. Nero files antitrust case against MPEG-LA
  8. CCleaner v2.32.1165
  9. Everest Ultimate Edition beta 5.50.2149
  10. Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 SP2
  11. System Center Configuration Manager v.Next Beta 1
  12. Certificate Manager for Exchange 2007
  13. C|Net reports Barnes & Noble launches iPad app
    and Firefox Home: A not-quite Firefox iPhone app

  1. [H]ard|OCP reports Aliens vs. Predator DirectX 11 benchmark now available
  2. Blizzard: DRM a 'losing battle'
  3. Shacknews reports Sony Europe confirms Premium PlayStation Network
    and Mafia II media highlights DLC and PhysX
    and Doom 2 arrives on Xbox 360 at $10
    and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project confirmed for XBLA
  4. Phoronix reports Valve's Linux play may lead more games to follow suit
  5. Kotaku cites report: Air Jordan on cover, possibly playable in NBA 2K11
  6. Explicit Gamer on the state of RPGs
  7. Ars Technica has Crackdown 2 single-player hands-on: Just add zombies
  8. TechFlash: Casual games make us smarter?
  9. StarCraft II - beta patch 13
  10. Steam for Mac launch: Week 3
  11. HL2, HL2: Episode One & Two get SteamPlay, Steam Cloud & achievements
  12. Portal, HL2, HL2: Episode One & Episode Two updates released on Steam
Systems, storage, and networking

  1. Engadget on AMD netbooks: Acer Aspire One 521 and Gateway LT22 hands-on
  2. ITShootOut reviews Sony Vaio Z Z11Z9E/B laptop
  3. iGadget Life on Apple's iPad
  4. Guru3D reviews MSI Big Bang X58 XPower motherboard
  5. Benchmark Reviews on Asus Crosshair IV Formula
  6. TweakTown reviews HighPoint RocketRAID 640 SATA 6Gb/s 4-port PCI-E 2.0 controller
  7. Björn3D reviews 100GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD
  8. HT4U on the issues of OEM equipment in the hard disk market (in German)
  9. BCCHardware reviews TRENDnet TEW-655BR3G mobile USB modem (3G) router

  1. TweakTown: MSI Radeon HD 5870 4-way turbo-charged with LN2 by Deanzo
  2. PureOC reviews Asus Matrix 5870 Platinum
  3. PCStats reviews Gigabyte GV-R587SO-1GD
  4. Ninjalane reviews Gigabyte Radeon HD 5750 Silent Cell
  5. techPowerUp! reviews Zotac GeForce GTX 480 Amp! Edition
  6. KitGuru reviews Zotac GeForce GTX 480
  7. TweakTown tests Galaxy and Palit GeForce GTX 470s in SLI
  8. Metku reviews Logitech Squeezebox Touch
  9. TestFreaks review Microsoft Kin Two
  10. Hardware Heaven reviews Enermax Aurora Micro wireless keyboard & Twister fans
  11. Madshrimps review TRENDnet TU2-PMLINK high speed PC and Mac share cable
Power, casing, and cooling

  1. Bona Fide Reviews on Konnet PowerV Duo induction charger
  2. bit-tech, Futurelooks, Hardware Secrets, Ninjalane, OverclockersHQ,
    and TweakTown review Cooler Master HAF X case
  3. OCIA reviews Vantec NexStar 3 2.5" USB 3.0 enclosure
  4. Legit Reviews on Sunbeam Airbox USB 3.0 external HDD enclosure
  5. Madshrimps review Scythe Mini Kaze 50mm fans
  6. OCC reviews Thermaltake Contac 29
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