Antec Dark Fleet cases to invade stores in June

Emperor Palpatine would be overjoyed with Antec's latest creation: the Dark Fleet series, four gaming enclosures with black paint jobs and configurable front panels that look straight out of an Imperial starship. The tallest of the four cases, the DF-85, even has an array of red LED fans.

The new lineup also includes three mid-tower designs: the DF-35, DF-30, and DF-10. Antec has outfitted all four Dark Fleet models with "two new Antec-exclusive innovations," branded Fleet-Release and Fleet-Swap. Here's how the company describes these additions:

Antec's Fleet-Release provides a front drive bay door system with variable-speed LED fans, fan controls and tool-free fan filters in a single modular package that "clicks" into place. This gives users rapid access to hard drives, easy maintenance and cleaning of washable fan filters, and improved maintenance and upgradeability to install additional fans or drives.

The Antec Fleet-Swap SATA drive bay system is a set of hot-swappable SATA drive bays that can be relocated within the drive cage, providing users with high flexibility to customize HDD configurations as desired as well as smoothly integrated hot-swap access through Fleet-Release doors.

Antec says it designed these enclosures to support the latest graphics cards and multi-CPU motherboards. All four Dark Fleet cases feature 140-mm fans at the top and the rear, "Fleet-Release 120 mm access doors" at the front, washable air filters, bottom-mounted power supplies, and front-panel USB 2.0 and audio connections. The DF-85 and DF-32 have a top-mounted 2.5" Serial ATA drive bay and hot-swappable 3.5" drive bays, as well.

Dark Fleet enclosures are scheduled to hit store shelves next month. Antec says all four models will come with three-year warranties.

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