HardwareCentral reviews Quantum SnapServer 4100

This is not simply a review because it is also a primer on NAS (network attached storage). What is it used for?
A NAS server is in reality nothing more than a small server that is optimized for file sharing, and doesn’t have the other services and overhead that conventional servers have.
They go on to discuss the pros and cons of server-centric storage and storage-centric networks. A NAS server can be a kind of "utility server" that performs a variety of functions for you while being easy to set up and use. Best yet, it doesn't require a lot of fancy hardware. Check out what's inside the SnapServer 4100.
The other surprise was the fact that it doesn’t run off of some proprietary hardware but rather uses a Intel Pentium MMX CPU operating at a 233 MHz clockspeed on a Intel TX chipset. The harddisk controllers are actually made by Promise, whereas the network adapter is using the same chipset as found on the well known Intel EtherExpress Pro 100+. These components all have an excellent track record and have been used in PCs, servers and workstations alike for many years.
The server features four 30GB Quantum Fireball Plus LM HDDs which can be set up in your choice of RAID configurations. Although the review looks at Quantum's system, you can probably build one yourself using left over parts so don't throw away your old hardware. You might just find them to be very useful. If you are interested in networking, read this review. If nothing else, it should give you another option.
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