NPD: Avid PC gamers are older than the average

Market research firm NPD has published some fresh statistics about the wild and wonderful "gamer" demographic, and the report includes interesting tidbits. For one, NPD says both avid PC gamers and "offline" PC gamers are "the oldest segments with an average age for both of 42 years." That compares to an average age of 31 years for gamers as a whole. Those two PC segments make up 11% and 8% of the total gamer population, respectively (or about a fifth put together).

NPD estimates that both home consoles and PCs saw increases in gaming usage compared to last year. Folks spent about 9% more hours playing console games and 6% more playing PC games. At the same time, portable gaming saw a dramatic 16% drop. NPD's press release doesn't say whether the portable gaming data include games played on cell phones, though.

Speaking of gaming hours, NPD found that "extreme gamers" spend a staggering 48.5 hours playing games each week. That works out to just under seven hours per day. We're talking about an average, so some folks are spending even more time glued to their consoles and gaming PCs. (Thanks to Shacknews for the tip.)

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