Opera pokes fun at Chrome speed test videos

The raw performance of Google's Chrome web browser may make more headlines, but Opera Software still claims to have the "fastest browser on Earth." That's led the Norwegian software firm to whip up a parody of Google's Chrome Speed Tests video, in which Chrome was pit against Rube-Goldberg-like contraptions in slow-motion clips.

The Opera take is a little different:

Admittedly, though, the latest version of Chrome is tough to beat. Running the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark on this editor's Core i5-750-powered desktop PC, Opera 10.53 scored 606.2 ms to Chrome 5's 377.6 ms. In Futuremark's Peacekeeper benchmark, Opera and Chrome got 7219 and 7895 points, respectively. That said, in GUIMark's HTML5 bitmap game test, Opera managed an average of 17.54 FPS where Chrome only hit 14.04 FPS.

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