Corsair shows upcoming cheaper case

COMPUTEX — Corsair’s Obsidian 800D enclosure has many virtues, but low cost isn’t one of them: the thing sells for $270. The trimmed-down 700D model is similarly pricey at $240. Thankfully for the less affluent, Corsair is prepping a cheaper enclosure with many of the same perks.

Scheduled to arrive during the back-to-school season for $149, the Graphite 600T has a much tighter form factor than its Obsidian siblings; Corsair actually bills it as "mid-tower outside, full-tower inside." If you look at our photos in the image gallery below, you may recognize the trademark cable management system with rubber-lined holes around the motherboard tray, the abundance of drive bays, and the beefy cooling. Corsair includes two 200-mm fans at the front and top, plus a lone 120-mm fan at the back. Fan speeds can be controlled via a knob at the top. (Said knob will sit next to some USB 3.0 ports, by the way.)

Because it’s smaller, the Graphite 600T should make a better LAN party candidate than the Obsidian 800D. Corsair has included a lock that keeps the side panels shut, and it’s designed case to be picked up from those lips just above the 5.25" bays. For extreme gamers, one of the hard drive cages can be relocated from just behind the front panel to right next to the power supply, leaving room for extra-long graphics cards.

Incidentally, that PSU you see in the bottom compartment is part of Corsair’s new AX family of 80 Plus Gold-certified units. Corsair says these units are the quietest it has ever offered, and it claims to have partnered with a company that makes server components to get the power efficiency within 80 Plus Gold’s 87-90% range. The AX models on display here include the 1200W pictured above and a 750W offering.

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    • ManAtVista
    • 9 years ago

    Nice case and PSU, will have to keep these in mind when I upgrade to 8 core sandy bridge. I wonder if that CPU cut out will fit the new socket..

    • Sniper
    • 9 years ago

    When I buy a case, the only thing I care about is how loud it is.

    I currently have an Antec P180 case, but I wish there were quieter alternatives out there.

      • Ttocs
      • 9 years ago

      I can’t vouch specifically for this new case, but if it’s anything like the 800D, it will be silent. This is easily the quietest case I’ve ever had – the only thing I’ll hear is the GPU fans (4890s) when I load up a game, and the seek noises of my Raptor 150s.

    • Sunburn74
    • 9 years ago

    Don’t like it. Looks too much like the coolermaster sniper.

    Why not just make a mid tower version of the 700d like everyone wants?

    • wira020
    • 9 years ago

    It looks bulky and heavy… the exterior design isnt much out of the usual.. unless priced competitively, i surely wont even bother… maybe the PC Case segment is too fragmented, or maybe Corsair aint trying hard enough…

    • derFunkenstein
    • 9 years ago

    Are USB3 header ports different than regular USB headers? Or do they just get extra testing?

    This is a nice enough case, a little more than i would want to spend. But I’m happy with my Antec Sonata Proto, which was under $100 after shipping.

      • wira020
      • 9 years ago

      It’s a bit different i think, but it will still go into usb2.0 ports.. it have extra 2 lane for data transfer.. thus the bigger cable diameter…

    • afleury
    • 9 years ago

    It’s surely 24k white gold plated!

    • ModernPrimitive
    • 9 years ago

    Nice looking case. If I were in the need for an upgrade I would have to take a serious look.

    • Spotpuff
    • 9 years ago

    Looks good. I wonder if the outside is plastic or metal.

    I recently got a coolermaster HAF 922 and it’s great; tons of airflow. My only complaint is the motherboard cutout hole is just wrong for S1156 boards and case manufacturers need to prepare for USB 3 by allowing you to change the connectors in the case.

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