Ultra-thin Hitachi notebook drive spins 320GB at 7,200 RPM

Late last year, Seagate introduced a Momentus Thin mobile hard drive targeting ultra-thin notebooks and netbooks. Measuring just 7 mm thick thin, the Momentus has a 5,400-RPM spindle speed and up to 250GB of capacity. And now it has some competition from Hitachi.

Engadget has the scoop on the new Travelstar Z7K320, which matches the Thin's 7-mm drive height but cranks the spindle speed up to 7,200-RPM. The Travelstar also offers 320GB of storage capacity and 16MB of cache, giving it an edge over the Momentus on both fronts.

In addition to the Z7K320, Hitachi's 7-mm lineup also includes the Travelstar Z5K320, which spins at a slower 5,400 RPM. This drive also has a twin, the CinemaStar Z5K320, destined for consumer electronics devices. Volume shipments of the Travelstar Z5K320 are slated to begin in July. The Travelstar Z7K320 and CinemaStar will begin shipping in volume the following month.

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