Windows Embedded Compact 7 aims for tablets

When Asus revealed its Eee Pad EP101TC at Computex earlier this week, we weren't surprised to see the device sporting a slim design, 10" screen, Tegra hardware, and Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating system. Wait, Windows what?

Microsoft has posted some details about this Windows CE successor online, and it looks like an interesting option for budget tablets. The site promises a "rich desktop viewing experience," perhaps suggesting some form of Remote Desktop Connection may be included. Flash 10.1 is also supported, as is MPEG4 and HD video playback.

The user interface appears to be based on Silverlight for Windows Embedded. Multi-touch input is on the menu, complete with custom gestures. However, it doesn't look like standard Windows applications will run on the OS. Instead, Microsoft touts tight integration with Visual Studio, .NET, and Expression Blend. A trial version of Windows Embedded Compact 7 is already available for download via Microsoft's Public Community Tech Preview program if you want to play with the new OS yourself. Thanks to Engadget for the tip.

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