Dr. Damage asks: Which NV drivers?

Ok, I am testing video cards, and I'm not averse to using reasonably stable beta drivers in certain situations. For instance, ATI's latest Win2K drivers might redeem the Radeon's performance in that OS, so I'm willing to give them a shot. To be fair, though, I need to test with the latest beta drivers from NVIDIA, as well. The latest official NV drivers are 6.31, but the 6.xx and 7.xx drivers are already well along in development. The question is: Which beta NV drivers (NEDs!) would y'all recommend for Win2K? For Win9x/ME?

I know for a fact the 7.xx drivers are much faster in Win2K in Direct3D, but the version I tried was also very unstable. Are any of the 7.xx series betas worth my time? Or should I try one of the 6.xx betas? Hmmm?

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