Gigabyte mobos support 1500W CPU power, overclocking via iPad

COMPUTEX — The Gigabyte folks had more to offer at Computex this week than provocative predictions. At a press event yesterday, Gigabyte introduced its Unlocked Power feature, which allows motherboard to support processor power draw of up to 1,500W. Not 150W, 1,500W. That's more than ten times the power envelope of Intel's six-core Core i7-980X, the fastest CPU on the market today.

No air cooler would be able to dissipate quite that much energy, clearly, so the Unlocked Power feature will probably only please extreme overclockers backed by a steady supply of liquid nitrogen. Nevertheless, Gigabyte had three motherboards with Unlocked power on display, including the ultra-high-end GA-X85A-UD9, which is listed at Newegg for a whopping $699.99. The board has seven PCI Express x16 slots and many more other goodies, including 6Gbps Serial ATA and USB 3.0. See the image gallery below for shots of more boards with Unlocked Power.

Also up Gigabyte's sleeve: Cloud OC, a utility that enables overclocking "from the cloud." Gigabyte demonstrated this tool running on an Apple iPad, but Cloud OC purportedly allows users to overclock their PCs from any device connected to the Internet.


Last, but not least, Gigabyte showed HotKey OC, which lets users overclock by entering key combinations on their keyboards. In the company's demo, hitting CTRL-ALT-F1 switched to an overclocking profile on the fly.

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