Kingston preps 64GB SD card, external USB 3.0 SSD

COMPUTEX — At a small press conference in a Taipei hotel this morning, Kingston showed us two new storage devices: a 64GB flash card based on the SDXC standard, and an external solid-state drive with USB 3.0 connectivity.

The SDXC card won't be backward-compatible with SD and SHDC devices, and it will use Microsoft's exFAT file system, so software support outside Windows may be limited, too. That said, the 64GB capacity is double the maximum allowed by the SHDC standard, and performance doesn't sound half bad: 60MB/s for reads and 35MB/s for writes. Kingston says SDXC actually enables speeds of up to 104MB/s now, and that number will rise to 300MB/s in the future.

The Kingston SD10A/64GB card will be available in one to two weeks. Expect a price tag around $499.

Next up: the USB 3.0 HyperX SSD, which will arrive in August in 64, 128, and 256GB capacities. This product will be backward compatible with USB 2.0 ports, but you will need USB 3.0 to reach the top rated sequential speeds (195MB/s for reads and 160MBs for writes). The device you see above is actually a prototype—Kingston is still toying with the idea of an all-aluminum casing, as opposed to the current mix of aluminum and plastic.

By the way, just like OCZ's Enyo, the Kingston prototype has a slim USB 3.0 connector, not a regular-size one.

Update: Kingston tells us the slim connector is a requirement to maintain backward compatibility with USB 2.0.

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