Thermaltake shows mechanical gaming keyboards

COMPUTEX — Keyboards with clicky, mechanical keyswitches have gathered a cult following in recent years, and Thermaltake is planning to capitalize on that. Sitting next to tricked-out enclosures, coolers, and power supplies in the company's Computex booth, we came across the Meka G1 and Meka, two gaming keyboards outfitted with Cherry switches.

Top: the Meka G1 and its (detachable) wrist rest. Bottom: The Meka. (Note the lack of a Windows key on the latter.)

The Meka on display actually had Cherry Brown switches, but by the time they hit retail, both the plain Meka and the G1 will have Cherry Black switches. The Blacks provide the same amount of resistance all the way to the bottom, while the Browns behave similarly to traditional clicky or buckling spring switches (like the Cherry Blues), in which resistance follows a rising curve that drops after actuation, but without the tell-tale click.

Thermaltake compared these keyboards to the Filco models popular among clicky keyboard fans, saying Meka offerings have higher polling rates. (The full-sized Meka G1 purportedly manages 1,000Hz.)

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