DFI breaks up LANParty

DFI made a lot of noise when it got into the enthusiast market with a line of LANParty motherboards designed for overclockers, case modders, and gamers. This was a bold new direction for a company that had made its name building boring OEM boards and industrial designs that went largely unseen by consumers. The LANParty line didn't pull any punches, either. Like other enthusiast-oriented boards at the time, LANParty mobos featured wild color schemes, offered loads of overclocking and tweaking options, and came bundled with all sorts of gimmicky extras. In fact, DFI was so intent on making a name for itself among enthusiasts that it poached famed Abit motherboard designer Oskar Wu to lend his touch to the LANParty line.

Yet the LANParty line has languished in recent years. Now it appears to be done for good. Bit-Tech did some digging at Computex, and after being given the run-around, the site finally confirmed that DFI decided to stop producing new LANParty products last year. The LANParty division reportedly had lost money throughout 2009, and it was shut down so DFI could focus efforts on more profitable industrial products.

Company officials are apparently barred from commenting on the fate of the LANParty line, but it looks like Oskar Wu has stayed on and is now working on industrial boards. Wu's contributions to the enthusiast motherboard scene surely won't be forgotten any time soon. Something tells me that DFI's outlandish LANParty designs will be remembered fondly by many, too.

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