National Cheese Day Shortbread


  1. Jobs: The PC is a truck. Ballmer: There's a reason they're called 'Mac' trucks.
  2. The Register reports Intel delays USB 3.0 chipset until 2012
  3. Engadget reports Bigfoot Networks reveal GPU / NIC
    combo card
    , talks up motherboard integration and WiFi
  4. Fudzilla reports Nvidia prepares dual-chip card
    and GTX 460 reportedly coming in July
  5. TC Magazine reports PowerColor HD 5770 Evolution
    shows Nvidia some love—onboard Lucidlogix Hydra
  6. AT&T: No iPhone - iPad tethering
  7. Engadget reports Smokescreen makes Flash content visible on iPhone and iPad (video)

Computex 2010

  1. Legit Reviews has Gigabyte technology motherboard marketing & staff interview
  2. KitGuru: EVGA mainboard team defects to Sapphire?
  3. Futurelooks covers Computex: Gigabyte, Cooler Master, Zotac, and Antec (videos)
  4. TWL covers Computex: Shuttle
  5. Engadget reports Asus debuts WirelessHD-equipped G73JW and G53 laptops
  6. Toshiba redesigns Satellite ultrathin laptops, Engadget goes hands-on
    and Samsung Galaxy Tab revealed
  7. Engadget has Windows 7 tablet roundup
  8. Fudzilla reports Asus shows its new mini-ITX motherboard
  9. TC Magazine reports A-Data and Plextor prep SATA 6Gbps SSDs
    and Antec announces the High Current Pro power supply family
  10. KitGuru and ProClockers on Noctua Prototype coolers
National Cheese Day

  1. Engadget live blogs Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie live from D8
  2. Steve Jobs' snappiest quotes from AllThingsD's D8
  3. Minority Report (movie) adviser John Underkoffler points to the future of UI
  4. Engadget reports hp says it's in the smartphone market, after all
  5. TC Magazine reports S3 Graphics files ITC complaint against Apple
  6. C|Net reports European regulators to get Google Wi-Fi data
  7. Ars Technica reports ACLU, EFF seek to "sever" gigantic P2P lawsuits
    and handwritten legal filings can't stop P2P lawsuit juggernaut
  8. DSLReports: Ireland begins kicking off P2P users off the Internet
  9. AppleInsider reports Apple's supply of Mac minis dwindle ahead of new models
  10. Engadget reports Nexus One gets USB host driver from a dude with an oscilloscope (video)
  11. C|Net on what to expect from the new iPhone
  12. DailyTech reports AT&T exec tries to justify $20 tethering fee in the face of 2GB data caps
  13. Engadget reports AT&T apologizes to customer warned off emailing the CEO
  14. FCC: 30 million users facing 'bill shock'
  15. MobileTechWorld reports HTC EVO 4G user manual available
  16. TC Magazine reports Amazon delays release of Kindle 2.5 firmware
  17. Sony: ebooks to overtake print within 5 years
  18. Engadget reports United Airlines offers up 'Zune inflight audio,' no actual Zunes
  19. C|Net reports court examines Gizmodo devices for iPhone info
  20. Gizmodo on the myth of computer security
  21. Sumo adds Sway single beanbags
  22. Fudzilla reports George W. Bush goes on Facebook
  23. OverclockersHQ's Intel Mission giveaway
  24. Dealzon's deals: $90 off 10" Gateway LT2023u, $144 off 10.1" Lenovo IdeaPad
    S10-3, $212 off 14" Dell Studio 14 i3, and $200 off 15.6" hp G62t i5

  1. Microsoft security bulletin advance notification for June 2010
  2. IDC: Windows Server still rules the server roost
  3. DailyTech reports IBM, Freescale, Samsung form Linaro
    to aid in developing ARM-compatible software
  4. Fudzilla reports rootkits ready for Android phones
    and Lenovo changes flavor of Linux
  5. Engadget reports Adobe AIR getting native Android app compilation
  6. Android Central reports EVO 4G root instructions are here
  7. The Windows Blog: Preview of the new Windows Live Essentials
  8. SuperSite for Windows on the new Windows Live Essentials
  9. Download Squad on Photoshop CS5's new HUD color
    and a neat helper app that enables auto-saving
  10. Shacknews reports Dolby launches surround sound voice chat client
  11. TechSpot on managing your privacy online: BitTorrent downloads
  12. C|Net reports augmented reality edges closer to mainstream
  13. Opera 10.60 build 3403
  14. Microsoft Silverlight 4.0.50524.0 Final
  15. Microsoft Forefront (UAG) 2010 (BPA) Tool
  16. Microsoft Business Ready Security trial environment (3.0b)
  17. Update Rollup 4 for Microsoft Dynamics DRM 4.0

  1. Ars Technica: 15 years of E3 through the eyes of an industry vet
  2. Bitmob: Game journalists should drop preview coverage
  3. Sony packs more value into the PS3; HDMI now included
  4. IndustryGamers report PS3 hardware 'refresh' before fall, says analyst
  5. Fudzilla reports Dreamcast titles for XBLA added
  6. Ars Technica reports PSP Go gets free games, DSi sees international price drop
  7. FiringSquad reports APB system requirements released
  8. Shacknews reports free Red Dead Redemption co-op DLC
    due June 22 and NBA 2K11 gets Michael Jordan
  9. IGN's Shogun 2: Total War first look
  10. Gaming Heaven reviews Alpha Protocol (Xbox 360)
  11. Portal, HL2, HL2: Episode One and Two updates released on Steam
  12. Global Agenda 1.3 update, Railworks, Stargate Resistance,
    and Supreme Commander 2 updates released on Steam
  13. Shacknews has Modern Warfare 2 'Resurgence' DLC giveaway
Systems and storage

  1. Engadget's Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 tablet prototype preview
  2. AnandTech reviews AVADirect Clevo W860CU: Mobility 5870 vs. GTX 285M
  3. reviews Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 15
  4. t-break reviews Toshiba Satellite T130 notebook
  5. Futurelooks reviews Core i5-655K and Core i7-875K
  6. Hardware Secrets on MSI Big Bang XPower and ASRock 880GXH/USB3 motherboards
  7. BmR's SandForce SF-1200 SSD firmware comparison
  8. TweakTown's exclusive: 128GB A-Data S501 Marvell-controlled 400MB/s preview
  9. AnandTech's 2010 value SSD (~$100) roundup: Kingston and OCZ take on Intel
  10. HT4U reviews 128GB Corsair V128 Nova SSD (in German)

  1. TechSpot's GeForce GTX 480 / 470 vs. Radeon HD 5870 / 5850 comparison revisited
  2. reviews Zotac GeForce GTX 480 AMP!
  3. OCC reviews Asus ENGTX465
  4. KitGuru reviews HIS HD 5870 iCooler V Turbo
  5. TechReviewSource on Kodak Slice digital camera
  6. Digital Trends reviews JVC HD Everio GZ-HM1 camcorder
  7. HotHardware reviews HTC Droid Incredible
  8. Engadget's Motorola Flipout preview
  9. Digital Trends reviews Beats by Dr. Dre Diddybeats
  10. XSReviews on Ozone Oxid headset
  11. Technic3D reviews KeySonic KSK-6001 UELX keyboard (in German)
Cases and cooling

  1. TweakTown reviews In Win Android case
  2. PureOC reviews AeroCool VS-9 case
  3. OCIA reviews NZXT Vulcan mATX case
  4. CowcotLand reviews Lian Li PC8-FIR Spider Edition (in French)
  5. ProClockers review Scythe Kaze Master Pro 5.25" fan controller
  6. [OC]ModShop: How to build your own watercooling heatcore
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