Radeon shares graphics card with Killer NIC

Bigfoot Networks and TUL have collaborated to produce a unique networking/graphics hybrid. The prototype on display at Computex combines a Killer 2100 NIC with a Radeon 5000-series GPU on the same PCI Express x16 card. There's no word on which 5000-series GPU is being used, though. Pricing hasn't been confirmed, either, although the combo card will reportedly cost less than buying its graphics and networking components separately.

Given the lack of details, the card's arrival on the markt probably isn't imminent. I suspect the two parties are using Computex to gauge interest in the dual-slot hybrid, which features a Gigabit Ethernet jack alongside dual DVI ports and an HDMI output. A small-form-factor gaming rig with a limited number of expansion slots might be a good candidate for such a product. However, I can't think of why users would otherwise want to complicate future upgrades by having their NIC sitting on their graphics card.

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