Friday night topic: What are you playing?

It's getting worse every year. During the holiday season, a million new games come out, and there's simply not enough time to play them all. Then we enter some comparatively lean months, and I spend my time catching up the best I can while also working in some new releases. This year has been especially tough.

My latest obsession is Just Cause 2, because it's simple fun with awesome physics that are hilariously cartoonish. The combination of an omni-competent grappling hook and an essentially magic parachute make you a sort of superhero. And then you get to play in an enormous sandbox, doing pretty much whatever. Turns out to be very addictive.

Before that, I was into Bad Company 2, which I liked better than Modern Warfare 2 by quite a bit.

But several promising games remain dormant in my Steam account, including Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2, and a copy of GTA IV I got on sale for seven bucks. I'm afraid I'll never get around to them all.

Have you caught up on the latest wave of games, or do you feel overwhelmed like me? What's occupying your time these days, and where do you expect to go next? Discuss.

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