Enermax, Seasonic show unique 80 Plus Gold PSUs

COMPUTEX — Power supplies with 80 Plus Gold certification abounded at Computex this week, but some units stood out more than others. Two new introductions in particular caught our eye: Enermax's 87++ and Seasonic's X-Series Fanless series.

The Enermax 87++ family will include 1,100W, 1,300W, and 1,500W models, all of which will surpass the official 80 Plus Gold standard. That standard mandates efficiency of 90% at a 50% load and 87% at 20% and 100% loads. However, Enermax told us 87++ units can reach 91-92% efficiency at a 50% load when connected to a 115V outlet. Folks in Europe and other areas with 230V power should be able to enjoy up to 93% efficiency.

87++ PSUs will include magnetic Twister Bearing fans, too, which can hit lower rotational speeds than traditional ball- or sleeve-bearing fans with much less friction.

Look for Enermax's 87++ power supplies in stores some time in the fourth quarter of this year. The firm didn't quote pricing, but considering the efficiency numbers and rather high wattages, these puppies probably won't be cheap.

Moving on, Seasonic showed us its new X-Series Fanless line, which couples 80 Plus Gold certification with an entirely fanless design and modular cabling. Seasonic has traded fans for a very open, meshed design that should enable airflow from within the PC to dissipate what little heat the internal components produce.

Seasonic will have 400W and 460W X-Series Fanless products in stores between the end of June and August. The 460W model should set you back $160.

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