Thin CULV Core i5 laptop spotted in MSI booth

COMPUTEX — Only a week after seeing Intel announce its 32-nm Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage processors, we were able to get up close to a laptop with one of those CPUs in it. The 13-inch X-Slim X360 in MSI's Computex booth had one of the CULV Core i5 processors, a sub-1" profile, and purported battery life of up to 10 hours.

In true CULV tradition, the system looks sleek and feels both light and cool to the touch. Core i5 goodness in that kind of form factor will come at a price, though: we were told around $899 to $999. Luckily, MSI plans to offer different configurations of the X360 with CULV Core i3 chips and perhaps lighter specs, which should help keep the starting price somewhat reasonable.

In addition to the 13.3" X-Slim X360, MSI will have 14" and 16" systems based on the same 32-nm CULV processors. The 16" variant will have an optical drive, too—a rare feature among consumer ultraportables, even larger ones these days.

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