What's on tap for WWDC?

Later this morning, Steve Jobs should take the stage at Apple's WWDC conference and announce a host of amazing, magical things to a frenzied crowd of graphic designers, goatees twitching with anticipation. At least, that's how I picture it. But there should be some noteworthy announcements emanating from the RDF, including formal word of a new iPhone. I'm terribly curious to see how Jobs handles the introduction of a product whose details have been so thoroughly leaked already. Does he still do a breathless reveal and the full dog-and-pony? This may be new territory, I think. Not sure what happens there.

And I must shamefully admit, I'm probably going to be among the first to buy one of those new iPhones, if it is what we think it is. Well, "among the first" means, you know, in the first few weeks. I will not be camping in line outside of an Apple store, enraptured by visions of what splendors await within. Already was in scouts as a child.

Beyond the iPhone, Apple may uncork some other interesting goodies, and the folks at PC World have offered some informed speculation on what exactly they might be in a digg-friendly 10-item list format. Among the possibilities are refreshes for the Mac Mini and Apple TV, Safari 5 with improved HTML 5 support, and potentially an OS X update, although PC World suspects Apple may have decided to neglect its desktop OS for the time being.

We'll try to post a list of live blogs from WWDC as the time approaches. I hear there might be some media coverage of an Apple event planned, believe it or not.

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