In case you haven't noticed, we've gone all soft and social-networky around here lately, bending to the wind like so many blades of grass. Sad, I know, but what can you do? The world changes, and people think Twitter is something new instead of .plan file updates for the vi-impaired.

Ah, well. We'll use the new tools, too, since everybody else is excited about them. For example, we now have several members of the TR staff tweeting away, including @geoffgasior, @ckowaliski, our podcast producer and host Jordan Drake @vocalgeekery, and yours truly @scottwasson. Geoff has been posting updates from the Benchmarking Sweatshop, and Cyril gave us breaking news from Taipei in his feed last week. You can follow any or all of us, if you'd like, and get our automated feed of regular TR content @thetechreport.

We've even consolidated our staff tweets into the new Twitter box on the right-hand column on the front page, for you micro-blogging perusal and convenience.

Also now in a box a little lower in the right-hand column is a widget for our TR Facebook page.

We've dutifully neglected that page since its inception, but we've recently become aware that actually posting things there might be helpful. I feel like I'm passing a note in the fifth grade when I say this, but if you "Like" our Facebook page, then you'll get updates in your news stream as we post them. Also, we're kind of lonely right now and could stand to be more, er, well-liked.

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