Skulltrail spiritual successor sighted in EVGA suite

Intel's Skulltrail platform may already be distant history for many enthusiasts. However, EVGA apparently intends to rejuvenate the concept with its Classified SR-2 motherboard and accompanying components. We got to see them first-hand in EVGA's hotel suite at Computex last week.

The Classified SR-2 is essentially a 2P Xeon motherboard with an enthusiast veneer. It has an Intel 5520 chipset, a pair of LGA1366 sockets, seven physical PCI Express x16 slots with support for just about any multi-GPU configuration under the sun, 12 DDR3 DIMM slots (and yes, unregistered RAM is supported), USB 3.0, and 6Gbps Serial ATA.

Shipments of the Classified SR-2 should begin this week. EVGA is targeting extreme enthusiasts and bona-fide workstation users, which are probably among the few demographics likely not to run screaming from the $599 price tag.

EVGA told us the board actually surpasses the extended ATX specification, so it won't fit in many cases—even big workstation ones. That's why EVGA has teamed up with Cooler Master to design a special enclosure for Classified SR-2 systems. You'll find pictures of the case in the image gallery below. The case should start shipping in the third quarter with pricing around the $300 mark (and an EVGA logo on the front).

You'll need a beefy power supply to handle dual Xeons and a multi-GPU config, too. EVGA completed the trifecta with an Antec-designed 1,200W power supply—also visible in the gallery below—which costs $320 and carries 80 Plus Silver certification. The unit has six 12V rail and maximum 12V power output of exactly 1,200W.

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