Latest NZXT case has Star Wars vibe

The folks at NZXT have parted with their previous stylistic influences with the new Phantom case, which we got a chance to see last week at Computex. Unlike some previous NZXT designs, the Phantom doesn't have a jaged front bezel or an overabundance of lights and other assorted bling. This latest enclosure probably has more in common with Imperial Stormtroopers from Star Wars:

That's the top of the enclosure you see there, with some I/O ports on the left and a series of little sliders that control fan speeds on the right. You can view more pictures of the Phantom in our image gallery below. (By the way, NZXT wouldn't let us take shots with the side panel off, but the white paint job extends to the inside.)

NZXT has implemented a neat little locking mechanism that should keep USB devices connected to the front panel from being tampered with. You can see pictures in the gallery below, but essentially, the lockable door below the 5.25" bays has a little slit at the bottom with room for just cables—but not whole USB plugs, so connected devices are essentially tied to the system.

The Phantom should retail for around $150. NZXT plans to offer variants with red and black color schemes, too.

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