Portal 2 postponed until next year

Valve isn't exactly known for timely game releases, so today's news should come as little surprise: Portal 2 won't be ready for its originally announced "holiday season" release. Instead, as Shacknews reports, Valve has postponed the title to a vague 2011 time frame.

That time frame could imply a whole year's delay, for all we know, although the tongue-in-cheek press release in Shacknews' post suggests otherwise: "Even though Portal 2 will arrive slightly later than planned, all life on earth won't instantaneously stop as every molecule in your body explodes at the speed of light, which is what would happen should a rip ever appear in the fabric of Valve Time."

Last week, Valve canceled the Portal 2 presentation it had prepared for E3, replacing it with an unnamed "surprise." According to the Shack, Valve now says the surprise in question will involve Portal 2. We'll hopefully get a closer look at the game then. (The E3 Expo will take place in Los Angeles from June 15 to 17, in case you haven't been keeping track.)

Valve announced Portal 2 and just three months ago after a brief viral marketing campaign. GameInformer later posted images from its April cover, revealing some concept art from the upcoming first-person puzzle game.

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