SEC may fine Dell over dealings with Intel

Intel and AMD may have settled their dispute months ago, but Intel's allegedly anti-competitive partnerships with PC makers are still causing a stir. The Wall Street Journal reports that Dell and its CEO Michael Dell have come under fire from the Securities and Exchange Commission over their relationship with Intel—and a fine may be in store:

The computer maker said Thursday that it is in talks with the SEC to settle allegations related to its accounting and other issues, including aspects of its commercial relationship with Intel. The company said it will take a $100 million reserve to cover expected costs of settling the case.

In addition, Mr. Dell and the SEC recently began discussing a "settlement framework" to resolve allegations that relate to the company's dealings with Intel, the company said. It added that any settlement would include a monetary penalty, but wouldn't include an admission of wrongdoing and would allow Mr. Dell to continue in his position.

Dell is keeping a tight lid on the specifics of the case, though. A Dell representative who spoke with the Journal wouldn't say exactly which aspects of Dell's relationship with Intel the SEC has a problem with. Nevertheless, Dell has reportedly gone on record saying the SEC case involves Intel-related "disclosures and omissions."

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