Take-Two, Apogee settle Duke Forever lawsuit

Speaking of settlements, remember how Take-Two Interactive filed a lawsuit against what was left of 3D Realms for not completing Duke Nukem Forever last year? As Shacknews reports, Take-Two and Apogee Software (the legal entity behind the 3D Realms name) have settled their dispute.

The May 28 court filing states somewhat tersely:

[Take-Two, 2K Games, and Apogee] by and through their respective undersigned counsel . . . hereby stipulate that the above action, including any and all claims that were or could have been asserted by the parties, is dismissed with prejudice in accordance with the terms of the Settlement Agreement executed by the parties on May 14, 2010. Each party is to bear its own portion of the costs of this litigation, and each party further agrees not to seek any costs or sanctions, under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, or upon any other basis.

As far as we’re aware, the terms of the settlement haven’t been made public. The only news on the 3D Realms website has to do with the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade version of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, a side-scroller first released for the PC in 2002.

Shacknews points out that no legal roadblocks now stand in the way of Duke Nukem Forever‘s release… assuming the game is still being worked on somewhere. 3D Realms said in its June 2009 countersuit against Take-Two that it was still developing the game despite having “released the majority of its employees working on the development [of the title].”

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    • Krogoth
    • 10 years ago

    3Drelams, please die in a fire.

    You are made from AAA grade epic fail. You could have been milking a proven IP franchise, instead you have been circle-jerking for a decade.

    NASA an government organization that is known to be chronically late on its projects has managed to conceptualized, build and sent a space probe (New Horizons) half-way to destination within the same time span as your wank-fest. That is really, really sad.

    The people who once knew Duke Nukem have grown up. They have other things about. The kiddies these days are into other digital characters like Master Chief and Gordon Freeman.

      • moop2000
      • 10 years ago

      Don’t forget, that the destination of New Horizons is Pluto, which is about 2.6 billion miles! This makes their failure even more epic!

    • Draxo
    • 10 years ago

    It will come out epitomized to run on Larabee. Kind of late for an April Fools joke. Maybe next years joke.

      • derFunkenstein
      • 10 years ago

      You mean it’s the epitome of Larrabee – neither product shipped.

        • Disco
        • 10 years ago

        i think he meant to say ‘optimized’

    • dustyjamessutton
    • 10 years ago

    I’d bet Chuck Norris could win a fight against Duke Nukem any day.

    • kvndoom
    • 10 years ago

    Well, if the conspiracy theorists take this settlement news, combine it with this rumor from the other day…

    §[<http://steamunpowered.eu/valve-to-release-duke-nukem-forever/<]§ then we can have a field day with the possibilities!

      • dolemitecomputers
      • 10 years ago

      Maybe fake but we’ll see.

    • wira020
    • 10 years ago

    Is there a good article about why this game getting a lot of delay? Speculation or conspiracy maybe?.. I dont understand why is it so hard to finish.. the bar set too high?

      • Meadows
      • 10 years ago

      Not necessarily. Production wasn’t directed.

        • potatochobit
        • 10 years ago

        no no, this smells of white collar crime

        kind of like construction worker contractors
        well we are going to need another twenty thousand dollars to re dry wall the room we did in error

      • alwayssts
      • 10 years ago

      There’s actually a REALLY good one.

      §[<http://www.wired.com/magazine/2009/12/fail_duke_nukem/all/1<]§ You are very right in your assumption. Also...Ironic this would ever be applicable...I am a drywall contractor, and I fail to see how pretty close to any room would cost 20k. If you dealt with someone like that, not only are they a shame to our profession, you're a fool. Perhaps...pick a better analogy. ;)

      • l33t-g4m3r
      • 10 years ago

      I remember reading an article, including information from employees that they were planning on milking this game’s development forever, or at least long as possible.
      If you looked at all the evidence, it made sense, how they kept throwing out stuff, and never tried to actually complete the game.

      Nvm. It’s supposedly fiction done by an ex-employee, but I still wonder how much truth was actually involved.

        • ironoutsider
        • 10 years ago

        Likely their using the money to pay off that guy who did their drywalling. Why else would this game take “Duke Nukem Forever tm”! Kind of sucks to know this kind of stink happens in such professional and established professions as game programming. I mean, who knew!

      • yogibbear
      • 10 years ago

      Half the dev team got addicted to WOW while making the game….

        • Meadows
        • 10 years ago

        I know Broussard was, but what makes you think that about “half the team”?

      • bthylafh
      • 10 years ago

      Way I read it, Broussard was a terrible manager and kept wanting to implement the New Shiny from other games instead of just finishing the damn game. Repeat this for years.

      Left unsaid in this article I read (it’s been at least several months) was that /[

        • Joel H.
        • 10 years ago

        Ya’ll are oversimplifying. What Broussard succumbed to his own fears and perfectionism. Wired sums it up pretty neatly:

        “George’s genius was realizing where games were going and taking it to the next level…that was his sword and his Achilles’ heel. He’d rather throw himself on his sword and kill himself than have the game be bad.”

        And that’s what the man did, over and over. He got so locked into a vision of a game that simply must reach unreachable targets, he failed to hop off the hamster wheel and examine the big picture.

    • Jon
    • 10 years ago

    Always trust in Duke…

      • clhensle
      • 10 years ago

      The settlement was to take Duke’s bubblegum, now you know what time it is.

      • dukerjames
      • 10 years ago

      its ALWAYS BET ON DUKE…..

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