1. Rojak Pot presents GAPI benchmark 1.0 for PocketPC
  2. PowerStrip 3.0 beta 3
  3. NVmax release 1.49
  4. ZZZ online number 69
  5. Tech Extreme on AMD-Intel processor race
  6. TacoNuts & others' giveaway contests
Motherboards, case, and cooling

  1. SocketA reviews Gigabyte GA-7DX
  2. 3D Rage reviews Iwill KK266
  3. Extreme Overclocking reviews Abit KT7A-RAID
  4. Processor Emporium (UK) reviews AOpen AK73 Pro
  5. Cole3D reviews Coolerguys Cyclone 5000 Ultra case
  6. DreddNews on TweakMonster's copper spacer
  7. Jsi Hardware reviews TaiSol CGK742092 cooler
  1. Hexus reviews NewQ Platinum and Quake III: Team Arena
  2. x3dfx Voodoo 3 "final" beta driver test@PC-Reports (English version here)
  3. Riva Station reviews CL GF2 MX
  4. Tweak3D reviews Plextor UltraPlex Wide 40
  5. TargetPC reviews Microtek 4600 USB scanner & camera
  6. SoundCardCentral reviews Jazz Hipster DE005-DTS DTS decoder and Labtec Pulse 424 3 piece speakers
  7. Overclockers Australia reviews FrontX multimedia ports (TR's review is here)
  8. Game Forces reviews Gravis Eliminator AfterShock
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