'GeForce GTX 460' specs leak out

Nvidia may have just released its GeForce GTX 465, but word around the web is that a cheaper card based on a new, smaller graphics chip is also in the works. Expreview now claims to have uncovered detailed specifications for that card, which it calls the GeForce GTX 460.

According to a screenshot of the Nvidia Control Panel in the Expreview story, this GeForce GTX 460 will feature 336 stream processors, a 675MHz core clock speed, 1350MHz shaders, and 768MB of GDDR5 RAM pushing bits at 3.6GT/s through a 192-bit memory interface. Expreview says performance will be "weaker" but not all that far off the freshly released GTX 465, which has 352 SPs, lower clock speeds, but a 256-bit memory interface and a full gig of RAM.

The GTX 460 should also be cheaper and less power-hungry than its big brother. Expreview quotes a $230 retail price, down from around $280 for the GTX 465, and it says the upcoming card's GF104 GPU will draw only 130W. At least, we assume that's 130W. The report actually says "the main core is it has about 13W TDP, and GTX465 is 150W," which looks like an obvious typo. (Getting down to 13W with GTX 465-level performance probably isn't feasible using 40-nm process technology.)

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