Acer, Dell, HP could be cooking up Chrome OS systems

Just because Chrome OS systems weren’t anywhere to be seen at Computex doesn’t mean they’re not coming. In fact, the folks at Download Squad have found pretty conclusive evidence that not one, not two, but all three of the world’s biggest PC vendors have Chrome OS systems in the works.

The site says it found files entitled "overlay-x86-acer-private.git," "overlay-x86-dell-private.git," and "overlay-x86-hp-private.git" in the Chromium OS Git repository. (Chromium OS, of course, is the open-source development version of Chrome OS maintained by Google.) Download Squad goes on to explain:

The overlay-x86 bits take care of configuring Chrome’s hardware support during the build process — so these would seem to indicate that Dell, Acer, and HP might be at the point where they’re building the OS for specific configs.

None of those companies have announced Chrome OS-powered systems yet, as far as we’ve seen. Acer publicly denied plans to release such products at Computex last month, while Dell has only gotten to the point of offering a custom Chrome OS image for its Inspiron Mini 10v netbook. However, Download Squad says Google has cited a fall time frame for the arrival of Chrome OS devices from "select partners." Those partners might just include the big three.

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    • blubje
    • 9 years ago

    why chromium over android?

    • indeego
    • 9 years ago

    Seems rather google-unlike to push this out without a massive public beta. Then again they didn’t exactly test Buzz or their Image homepage change with the public. Should be amusingg{.}g

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