Need for Speed returns to Hot Pursuit

All sorts of new hotness is being demoed at E3 this week, and an unexpected addition to the Need for Speed franchise looks very interesting indeed. Billed as a return to the series' roots, a new version of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is on the way. 1998's Need for Speed III was the first in the series to bear the Hot Pursuit name, which was last resurrected back in 2002. High-speed cop chases have been featured in the series from the very beginning, though.  For some of us, they've been the best part.

This latest iteration is being developed by Criterion games, which is best known for the Burnout series. Given that background, we can probably expect the new Hot Pursuit to be more of an arcade racer than a hardcore simulation. Criterion says the game will offer a full single-player campaign that allows folks to play as racers, cops, or a little of both. Up to eight players will be able to link up online for multiplayer mayhem, as well.

According to EA, Hot Pursuit will be reborn on November 16. As one might expect, the game will be available for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Shacknews' coverage also mentions a PC version, which would only make sense given the franchise's history.

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