Supply of six-core Phenom IIs could be running tight

No, hell hasn't frozen over. DigiTimes reports that AMD underestimated demand for its Phenom II X6 processors when placing orders with GlobalFoundries and is now facing a supply shortage of the six-core processors.

This news comes to us from DigiTimes' sources at motherboard makers, who noted that attractive pricing of Phenom II X6 CPUs led to strong demand in the second quarter. In turn, this demand boosted sales of motherboards with AMD's latest 800-series chipsets.

Interestingly, the report goes on to say these supply problems have "impacted the supply schedule" of quad-core processors "including the Phenom II 960T." The Phenom II X4 960T is said to be a quad-core offering based on the same six-core Thuban silicon as Phenom II X6 chips, which would imply Turbo Core functionality and possible core-unlocking potential. However, AMD told us last month that it had no plans to introduce such a product in the near future—if at all.

AMD's statement fits quite well with today's report. If the company already isn't getting enough Thuban chips to satisfy demand, then introducing cheaper, quad-core Thuban products probably wouldn't be the brightest idea.  That would only strain supply further.

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