Latest AMD Catalysts have new video filtering mojo

Like every month, a fresh set of Catalyst graphics drivers has popped up on AMD's Game website. This month's Catalyst 10.6 release brings performance enhancements, a couple of new video filtering options, and OpenGL 4.0 support on 5000-series Radeons. AMD's release notes also mention support for Flash 10.1—even though, you know, that seemed to work just fine with the previous drivers.

Frame rate speedups are purportedly in store for the Alien vs. Predator DX11 benchmark, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Company of Heroes, Crysis Warhead, DiRT 2, World in Conflict, and a handful of other, less exciting titles and benchmarks. You'll find all the nitty-gritty details in the official release notes. In any case, AMD quotes best-case performance improvements of anywhere from 3% to 18%.

Meanwhile, the new video filtering goodness applies exclusively to Radeon HD 5000-series graphics cards, and it includes video de-blocking and "mosquito noise removal." De-blocking is straightforward enough, since it involves concealing those ugly, er, blocks from highly compressed video. I had to look up the other term. According to this PDF on the NIST website (surely a trustworthy source), mosquito noise is "a time dependent video compression impairment in which the high frequency spatial detail in video images having crisp edges is aliased intermittently." There you go, folks. You'll find these options in the Catalyst Control Center under the "all settings" tab of the video section.

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