Recess at Work Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. TheStreet: Apple killing the tech sector
  2. Verizon: Comcast P2P blocking was wrong, we won't do it
  3. X-bit labs report Intel to ramp up Sandy Bridge aggressively on desktop market
  4. Engadget reports Samsung's high-speed 512GB SSD to begin volume production next month
  5. Fudzilla reports two GeForce GTX 460 cards to launch on July 12th
  6. Gizmodo reports iPhone 4 order security breach exposes personal information
  7. Joystiq reports Xbox 360 slim 17% smaller than original, incapable of RROD-ing
  8. Microsoft reportedly bribes the press with new Xbox 360 consoles

Recess at Work Day

  1. DigiTimes reports notebook makers see strong 3Q10
  2. Engadget reports Lenovo jumps on the 3D laptop train with the IdeaPad Y560d
  3. DailyTech reports Lenovo announces 3D gaming laptop
  4. Engadget reports Eurocom rolls out workstation-class X8100 Leopard laptop
  5. TC Magazine reports Asus announces the U35 and U45 ultra-thin laptops
  6. Intel: Increasing the versatility of chip manufacturing process
  7. The Register reports AMD shoots low and wide with Opteron 4100s
  8. AnandTech covers Computex 2010: Motherboards
  9. Fudzilla reports Intel set to release low-voltage resilient memories
  10. Futurelooks: A tour of Kingston Technology's factory and new products
  11. Expreview has Nvidia GF104 core exposed
  12. Fudzilla: GF104, GeForce GTX 460 to be top overclocker
  13. Expreview reports EVGA releases GeForce GTX 480 SuperClocked+
  14. TC Magazine reports Sapphire expands its Radeon HD 5500 line
  15. What is Google TV (video)
  16. TC Magazine reports Razer details its StarCraft II-themed peripherals
  17. VR-Zone covers Computex 2010: Casings, PSUs, and cooling roundup
  18. VR-Zone's CommunicAsia 2010 coverage
  19. Ars Technica reports long-rumored "GDrive" a reality thanks to Memeo Connect 2.0
  20. DSLReports: AT&T threatens FCC with slowed U-Verse deployment
    and AT&T's metered DSL ambitions may, may not, be over
    and Apple selling unlocked iPhones in Canada
  21. C|Net reports T-Mobile USA expands fast 3G network
  22. Engadget: HTC Desire in the U.S. pipeline for 'select regional operators' this August
    and Apple CDMA iPhone 4 rumor given new wings and Droid Incredible
    saves browser screenshots to internal memory, turns into a privacy nightmare?
  23. Ars Technica reports deep packet inspection soon to be $1.5 billion business
  24. The NY Times reports San Francisco passes cell phone radiation law
  25. YouTube's head of user experience: How YouTube thinks about copyright (video)
  26. Yahoo! News reports White House to take questions via YouTube on oil spill
  27. Facebook envy? TechFlash reports patents social networking system
  28. Activists: Facebook privacy changes not enough
  29. Hi Tech Legion's Independence month giveaway
  30. Newegg's morning shell shocker
  31. Dealzon's deals: $250 off 17.3" hp dv7t Select, $280 off 14" Lenovo G460 i3,
    $45 off 1.5TB Samsung Story Station, and $80 off Ultimate Ears SuperFi 4

  1. iTunes 9.2 released
  2. [H]ard|OCP on Nvidia ForceWare 257.21 driver performance
  3. Ars Technica has Copland 2010 revisited: Apple's language and API future
  4. The Register reports Ubuntu's Koala food mixes with Windows VMs
  5. About that 1 billion Microsoft Office figure...
  6. BCW reviews Microsoft Office 2010
  7. Ars Technica: Chromium-based Flock beta offers useful social features
  8. TechSpot: Automatically start your browser in 'private' mode
  9. PreCentral reports webOS 1.4.5 (mostly) on track, but AT&T users face delay
  10. TechFlash reports Swype app expands on Android
  11. MobileCrunch reports Microsoft Kin handsets might get IM support in the future
  12. BBC reports fading data could improve piracy
  13. SuperSite for Windows on Live Sync

  1. Fudzilla reports many analysts declaring Nintendo the winner
  2. Digital Trends has Nintendo E3 press conference wrap-up
  3. hardCOREware on Nintendo and Sony E3 2010 keynotes
  4. Ars Technica's hands-on with the Nintendo 3DS
  5. Techgage's tip: Using Sony's Media Go to backup and restore your PSP's files
  6. VG247: Interplay wants you to sign up for the Fallout Online Beta
    and confirmed - Brink delayed until 2011
  7. Shacknews: Civilization 5 screenshots show hexes, bombardment
    and Dead Space 2 trailer
  8. Crysis "music making" trailer
  9. Ars Technica on Killzone 3 in 3D: Incredible, but who will get to enjoy it?
    and hands-on: Rock Band 3 instruments reward real skill and
    Pac-Man Battle Royale: 4-player death match, arcade-style
  10. Shacknews has Bulletstorm, Dead Space 2, and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit E3 2010 previews
  11. Steam client and Team Fortress 2 updates released on Steam
  12. Save 33% - 75% on Command & Conquer games on Steam (deal ends at noon CDT)
Systems and storage

  1. iFixIt's Mac mini mid-2010 teardown
  2. Computing on Demand: Could my next HTPC be a Mac mini?
  3. TestFreaks review hp EliteBook 8440w mobile workstation notebook
  4. PC Perspective's Industry Dirt: AMD and Intel
  5. ProClockers review Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3
  6. OCC reviews 4GB Patriot Viper II Sector 5 PC3-20000 memory kit
  7. OCIA reviews SilverStone HDDBoost
  8. reviews 120GB Corsair Force F120 SSD
  9. ASE Labs review 2GB Lexar JumpDrive FireFly

  1. ITShootOut reviews Zotac GeForce GTX 480
  2. TweakTown reviews Gainward GeForce GTX 470 GS 1280MB
  3. PureOC reviews Asus GeForce GTX 465
  4. iXBT Labs review Gigabyte Radeon HD 5870 SOC & PowerColor HD 5870 PCS+
  5. techPowerUp!: AMD & Nvidia video enhancement quality tested
  6. t-break reviews Samsung Syncmaster P2770HD 27" LCD monitor
  7. Engadget's Sony NEX-5 preview
  8. Burned iN on making an informed printer purchase
  9. Engadget's Samsung Galaxy 2 preview
  10. ITShootOut reviews Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition
  11. Engadget's Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar flight controller hands-on
Power and case

  1. Hardware Secrets reviews 800W Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold PSU
  2. iGadgetLife reviews Arctic C1 mobile solar charger
  3. Hardware Heaven reviews NZXT Hades case
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