Report: iPhone 4 has twice as much RAM as the iPad

For a mere smart phone, the iPhone 4 is starting to make the iPad look a little outdated. Not only does it have the same A4 processor and more pixels per inch of display, according to Mac Rumors, the new handset also has twice as much RAM.

Word is that the iPhone 4 packs a cool half-gigabyte of system memory, up from 256MB in both the iPad and iPhone 3GS. You won't find that information on the device's official spec sheet, but Mac Rumors says Apple confirmed the figure during a session at last week's Worldwide Developers Conference. (No, the conference isn't just a highly mediatized platform for Steve Jobs keynotes.)

To add insult to injury, iPad users will have to wait until the fall to enjoy multitasking via the upcoming iOS 4. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4 will run iOS 4 from the get-go, and even iPhone 3GS users should be able to upgrade next week. Too bad competitors are still scrambling to get rival slate devices ready for production, because the first-gen iPad isn't looking like such a great buy right now.

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