Extension sync on its way to Chrome 6.0

If you own and use multiple computers, odds are you find value in browser synchronization features, which remove the need to copy bookmarks and settings painstakingly across systems. Google Chrome gained bookmark sync in version 4.0, settings sync in version 5.0, and according to CNet News, extension sync is in store for version 6.0.

In fact, the ability to synchronize extensions has just appeared in the latest developer build of Chrome 6. You can grab it by joining the dev channel here; CNet says enabling extension sync involves adding "--enable-sync-extensions" to the "Target" field of your Chrome shortcut. There's a small caveat, though: "unrecoverable errors/crashes" caused specifically by the extension sync feature. Oops.

Of course, considering the pace at which major new Chrome releases come out—version 5 showed up less than five months after version 4—a stable release of Chrome 6 will probably be out before too long. Now if only Google would let me sync passwords and cookies across different Chrome installations...

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