Last night, after spending way too much of my evening tracking our mobile phone usage patterns, matching them to rate plans, and pricing out options, I finally placed an order for a couple of iPhone 4s via Apple's web site. After the mad rush, I didn't think it would be possible even to place an order. AT&T won't sell you one, but Apple's site will. They only let me place one order at a time, though—two iPhone 4s in your cart is a no-no—and my second order failed repeatedly at the spot where Apple talks to AT&T in order to determine your eligibility for an upgrade. With some persistence, I got both pre-orders made, and the phones are due to ship on July 14 from Apple. I won't be one of the cool kids sipping my latte at Starbucks and surfing on the iPhone 4 in June, but, well, thank goodness for that.

Interesting fact from my research: in the past eight months, I've never used more than 129MB of data per month on my iPhone 3G. My on-the-go use includes light surfing, checking mail, getting news updates, occasional navigation, and instant messaging. I tend to download app updates over Wi-Fi simply due to speed concerns, and I get music and podcasts by syncing with my PC. With AT&T's new pricing, I should apparently give up my unlimited bandwidth for 30 bucks a month and switch to the $15/mo. plan with 200MB of data. No doubt as soon as I do that, I'll find out the iPhone 4's extra capability causes me to quadruple my bandwidth use in month one, though. Hmm.

In other news, we've not gone entirely phone-crazy, I promise. I just don't have much to say about a long week of server testing. I edited some props files, fiddled with BIOS options, and watched various tests run for as long as 90 minutes each. Later: data entry! Then graphs! I think the results will be interesting, but there's work to be done still.

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