Poll: Are you running an SSD in your primary desktop?

You'll have to excuse me if I have SSDs on the brain, because I've spent the last couple of months testing a stack of pure solid-state goodness. I can't shake the notion that, for a performance-oriented enthusiast's PC, there's really no better place for the operating system and applications than on a multi-channel flash array. Don't get me wrong; mechanical hard drives are great for mass storage and systems that can only accommodate a single drive, either due to space or budget constraints. For even a mid-range PC, though, there's a compelling case to be made for investing in an SSD.

So, have you? That's the subject of this week's poll, which asks whether you're running an SSD in your primary desktop PC. You can cast your vote after clicking the comment link below or over in the right column on the front page.

Our previous poll tackled multi-monitor setups, asking voters how many displays were hooked up to their primary PCs. The majority of voters (55%) indicated that they're only running a single monitor. 36% have a second screen, while 6% sit in front of a three-way setup. A small handful of users are rocking more than three displays, and 55 voters are apparently basking in the glory of more than six.  Me?  I have a couple of Dell 2408WFP panels hooked up to my desktop rig, plus two more screens dedicated to test systems.  No SSD in the desktop yet, but that's the next upgrade.

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