Father's Day Shortbread

The Magnificent Seven

  1. Fudzilla reports mainstream Fermi is cancelled
    and new Fermi with 512 shaders possible
  2. Engadget: Apple and AT&T said to be randomly canceling some iPhone pre-orders,
    but (some) iPhone 4 pre-orders are now shipping
  3. HotHardware reports Thermaltake mid-tower chassis has integrated SATA HDD dock
  4. InfoWorld reports Google's Street View Wi-Fi data included passwords, email
  5. touchArcade has OnLive demoed on an iPad (video)
  6. Kotaku reports Microsoft confirms Kinect bundles, new $199 Xbox 360
  7. CVG reports Activision CEO wants CoD subscription service 'tomorrow'

Father's Day

  1. The NY Times spends a night at the Foxconn electronics factory
  2. CNN reports Apple is the new hacker bulls-eye
  3. The H Security: WEP and TKIP Wi-Fi encyption methods to be discontinued
  4. Errata Security has technical details of the Google Street View Wi-Fi payload controversy
  5. KitGuru: Clevo predicts strong move to AMD in 2011
  6. C|Net cites report: Facebook '09 revenue near $800 million
  7. Engadget reports Dell debuts Inspiron R line with glosstastic new looks, Intel Wireless Display
  8. AMD: 3D for everyone (in German)
  9. Björn3D covers Computex 2010: Zalman
  10. Engadget podcast 201
  11. TechFlash podcast 20: Starbucks, Kinect, Amazon vs. Facebook
  12. Hi Tech Legion has Computer Ed radio show - June 13, 2010
  13. Network World on 10 unsung fathers of technology
  14. Welcome to Fudzilla 3.0 (new redesign)
  15. Newegg's Sunday shell shocker

  1. Bringing improved PDF support to Google Chrome
  2. Exploring the software behind Facebook, the world's largest site
  3. TUAW reports Mail.app in 10.6.4 pastes screenshots as TIFF
  4. TechReviewSource's Apple iOS4 review & walkthrough
  5. t-break has iOS 4 walkthrough on an iPhone 3GS
  6. Windows Phone Secrets has Windows Phone vs. the world, part 1: Developers
  7. Download Squad: CoreTemp is a tiny, portable application for monitoring CPU temperature
  8. 7-Zip 9.15 beta
  9. WWDC 2010: Server Admin Remote and Workgroup Manager Remote for iPad
  10. The Official Palm Blog: It's "half time" in the Palm webOS app catalog (50% off Palm apps)

  1. Gamasutra reports Wedbush analysts predict video
    game industry rebound
    fueled by new hardware
  2. TG Daily: Will Microsoft's Kinect appeal to core gamers?
  3. Fudzilla reports Rare deems Kinect lag not a problem
  4. SuperSite for Windows has Xbox 360 S review
  5. No need to hate: 3D gaming is awesome
  6. Salon: Are video games the next great art form?
  7. Onslaught co-op mode for BFBC2 is coming on Tuesday, 6/22
  8. Shacknews on video games to be released this week
  9. KitGuru reviews Green Day: Rock Band
  10. TweakTown reviews No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggles (Wii)
  11. TweakPC previews Medal of Honor beta (in German)
  12. Steam continues EA Week: Dragon Age Day
Systems and storage

  1. t-break reviews Acer Mini D250 10.1" netbook
  2. Tech ARP posts workstation & server CPU comparison guide rev. 3.8
  3. X-bit labs on Kingston LoVo HyperX DDR3 1866MHz: Memory with low-power consumption
  4. Hardware Heaven's hard drives roundup - June 2010
  5. X-bit labs' roundup: 2.5" hard disk drives with 500GB, 640GB, and 750GB storage capacities
  6. iGadgetLife reviews 16GB Memonex Race R310 USB drive
Multimedia, power, and cooling

  1. Definity: AMD talks about DirectX 11, Eyefinity & more @ X-bit labs
  2. Phoronix: Is AMD's new 2D acceleration architecture still slow?
  3. XtremeComputing reviews PowerColor HD 5550 PCS+
  4. Hardware Pacers review Chief KCY220 height-adjustable dual-arm dual-monitor desk mount
  5. Rbmods on Kodak EasyShare M341
  6. CCE Reviews on SmartSwipe credit card reader
  7. KitGuru on understanding the different UPS systems
  8. X-bit labs review Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo Pro and Scythe Setsugen
  9. KitGuru reviews Zalman CNPS9900 Max
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