Acer: We'll ship the most laptops in 2010

Ever since it became the world's second-biggest PC vendor by shipments last year, Acer just hasn't been able to stop talking smack. In this latest case, company Chairman J.T. Wang has vowed that Acer will become the top notebook vendor for 2010, according to the Wall Street Journal.

This optimism isn't quite baseless, mind you. According to the Journal, Gartner numbers show that Acer already managed to ship more laptops than HP globally in the first quarter. Pulling off the same feat for the next three quarters isn't a huge stretch.

Wang has other reasons to be optimistic, as well. He noted, "We are one of a very few that is able to respond to the market when demand stabilized in the latter part of the second quarter because we were prepared." Acer's revenue will grow by 10-15% between this quarter and the next because of better-than-expected sales in some countries, Wang believes.

Acer has certainly been picking up momentum over the past year or two. The firm has acquired big local players like Gateway in the U.S. and Packard Bell in Europe, and it's also carved itself a huge slice of the netbook market. I wouldn't be surprised if Acer eventually gets its wish and becomes the world's biggest PC vendor—period.

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