New Sony Vaio laptops have AMD guts

When was the last time you saw an AMD processor in a Sony laptop? 2001? In any case, Engadget points out that two AMD-powered Vaio notebooks have made their way into store listings at Best Buy and Fry's.

Best Buy is selling a 15-inch Vaio for $650, while Fry's carries a 17" model for just a little bit extra—$720. Both systems have Radeon HD 4200-series integrated graphics, so based on that and the form factors, we can pretty much guess the laptops are based on AMD's freshly introduced Danube platform. Sure enough, processor model numbers check out. Both machines have 2.1GHz Athlon II X2 P320 CPUs inside.

Affordable 15" and 17" laptops aren't exactly the most glamorous these days—not when thin consumer ultraportables with eight-hour batteries are grabbing all the headlines, at least. Still, Sony's adoption of AMD CPUs in not one, but two systems shows something of a reversal of fortune for AMD. Not long ago, the couldn't even woo Dell.

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