TR BBQ 2010 crashes onto shores of Lake Michigan on August 21

Dr. Fish and the gang (band name?) in the forums are cooking up another annual installment in their series of TR BBQ reader get-togethers. The TR BBQ is a day-long cornucopia of grilled meats, geek talk, and outdoor activities on the shores of Lake Michigan. Need I say more? The TR BBQ has been a roaring success every year, and it seems to keep getting bigger and better.

To give you a sense of how they do things, have a look at the starter for the grill Dr. Fish is considering for BBQ use.

Yep, it has a flamethrower. Of course.

This year's event is scheduled for August 21, and you can drop into this forum thread for all of the details. Surely someone from the TR staff will make it there this year? I'm hoping! Just seems like the date is always scheduled on top of a major CPU or GPU introduction. Perhaps not this time? Hmm...

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