Desktop Atoms with DDR3 support now available, Intel says

Remember those new desktop Atom processors we wrote about during Computex? Intel has posted a quick update on its PR Chip Shots blog to say the CPUs are now available, as should be nettops based on them. Here's what the firm says:

Entry-level desktop PCs based on the Intel Atom processors D525 and D425 with support for DDR3 memory technology are now available. Announced at Computex, the D525 dual-core processor and D425 single-core processor run at 1.80Ghz and are paired with the Intel NM10 Express Chipset. The Intel Atom processor enables low-power, affordable entry-level desktop PCs, allowing system builders the flexibility to design a variety of form factors including all-in-ones, small form factor and standard desktop PCs.

We're not so sure about the availability picture. Searching for "D525" on Best Buy, Amazon, and Newegg doesn't produce any matches. Perhaps we'll see press releases from some of the usual suspects, like Shuttle and Zotac, in the coming days.

As we said earlier this month, the D525 and D425 Atoms stand out because of their support for DDR3 memory. Other desktop Atoms are tied to DDR2 RAM due to either their built-in memory controllers or accompanying chipsets. Also, according to Intel's price list as well as ARK entries for the D525 and D425, Intel charges the same for the newcomers as for their slightly lower-clocked, DDR2-only siblings—the D510 and D410, respectively.

Update 3:21 PM: We asked Intel to clarify which D525- or D425-powered nettops were actually available, and the chipmaker replied with the following:

You can expect to see products from several OEMs and system builders over the coming months including (but not limited to) Asus, Acer/eMachines, MSI, Shuttle, Zotac and Jetway. These companies had systems on display at Computex, but you’ll need to contact them directly to find out exactly when they will be available.

That statement sounds a tad more reserved than the blog post. In any case, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for new nettops from the aforementioned vendors.

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