Public Service Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Heise Online claims to have GeForce GTX 460 final specs (in German)
  2. Fudzilla reports GF104, GeForce GTX 460 mobile to come this summer
    and AMD is working on its own version of Optimus
  3. SemiAccurate reports Bulldozer, Bobcat, Westmere-EX, and Power shine at Hot Chips conference
  4. iFixit's Apple iPhone 4 teardown
  5. So long privacy: DailyTech reports Apple bans apps, music for customers who opt out of tracking
  6. The Atlantic on the growing geek iPhone backlash
  7. Firefox 3.6.4 with crash protection now available
  8. TechFlash reports Microsoft Store lists Kinect for $150, Xbox says it's not official

Public Service Day

  1. VP Joe Biden to file sharers: 'Piracy is theft'
  2. C|Net reports FTC says current privacy laws aren't working
    and AT&T, Verizon Wireless join Wi-Fi interoperability group
  3. Ars Technica: Feds won't get involved in "three strikes," website blocking
    and back room net neutrality deal? Reform groups up in arms
  4. DigiTimes reports UMC expects to sample 3D stacked chips using 28nm in 2011, says CEO
  5. VR-Zone covers Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship 2010: Asia & Africa regional finals
  6. KitGuru: Strong Sony movement toward AMD?
  7. TC Magazine reports Acer serving up the AS8943G DirectX 11-ready notebook
    and Acer's Aspire TimelineX ultra-thin laptops reach the U.S.
  8. Fudzilla reports Intel releases Core i3-370m running at 2.4GHz
  9. SemiAccurate reports Toshiba working on boosting SSD write speeds to 4.2Gbps
  10. Fudzilla reports WD goes 500GB on 2.5" Scorpio Black
  11. Hardware-Infos: Screenshot of new GeForce GTX 480 PCB? (in German)
  12. ATi-Forum: New watercooled PowerColor HD 5870 (in German)
  13. DSLReports: Verizon canceling wholesale FiOS? (updated with official comment from Verizon)
  14. Engadget reports AT&T 3G MicroCell now available in all markets
  15. TUAW reports Apple sells 3 million iPads in first 80 days
  16. C|Net reports analyst estimates 16.5 million iPads sold by 2012
    and how Microsoft foresaw—and still missed—the iPad
  17. Engadget reports new iPhone 3GS 8GB features redesigned box with iOS 4
  18. Speculation runs rampant on Microsoft Zune service's down time
  19. Hi Tech Legion has Computer Ed radio show - June 20, 2010
  20. Engadget HD podcast 199
  21. Win a new HIS HD 5830 iCooler V Turbo from KitGuru
  22. Newegg's guerrilla deals for 6/23
  23. Dealzon's deals: $364 off 17.3" Dell Inspiron 17 i5, $308 off 15.6" Dell Vostro 3500 i5,
    15% off ThinkPad T410 & T510 express ship, and $200 off 15.6" Toshiba L500D AMD

  1. Google Voice for everyone
  2. NGOHQ reports VLC's developer attacks AMD Catalyst driver
  3. Ars Technica reviews Adobe Lightroom 3
  4. Fudzilla reports Adobe Flash Player 10.1 officially launches on Android platform
  5. Google on Froyo status (Android 2.2): FRF72 was not
    final, release date still unknown, "on its way shortly"
  6. AnandTech: Apple's iOS 4 explored
  7. NT Compatible: Updates for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008
  8. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 3
  9. Computing on Demand on error code 0x80070643 when installing MSE
  10. Opera 10.60 build 3433
  11. Engadget reports SkypeKit beta SDK adds Skype to any application or device
  12. Digital Trends on the best iOS 4-ready apps
  13. PwnageTool 4.01 release info

  1. MCV reports U.K. game tax breaks scrapped
  2. Engadget reports Kinect tech destined for TV-embedded
    greatness in 2011, HTPC integration later this year
  3. Major Nelson: Xbox Live Family Pack coming this November
  4. Digital Trends reviews Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim
  5. Shacknews reports free Red Dead 'Co-op Mission Pack'
    hits Xbox 360, arriving on PlayStation 3 later today
  6. Big Download reports Kane and Lynch 2 PC to ditch Games For Windows Live for Steamworks
  7. Ars Technica reports the InFamous 2 team is building a better superhero game
  8. Shacknews reports Bad Company 2 'Onslaught' DLC trailer marks launch
  9. NGOHQ has Sniper: Ghost Warrior full HD screenshots
  10. Shacknews has Civilization V and Medal of Honor multiplayer E3 2010 previews
  11. World of Warcraft patch 3.3.5 released to North American players
Systems and storage

  1. PCPer hardware leaderboard update for June 22nd
  2. TechReviewSource on Dell Vostro 3300
  3. Pre-alpha MeeGoo for tablets demo (video)
  4. PC Perspective on AMD Lisbon Opteron 4100 CPUs and FireStream GPUs launch for servers
  5. iXBT Labs review Asus P7H57D-V EVO
  6. OC3D reviews ASRock 890GX Extreme3
  7. Hardware Secrets has Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD7 first look
  8. PureOC reviews Asus M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3
  9. bit-tech on 4GB Crucial Ballistix MOD 1600MHz & temperature sensing DDR3 kit
  10. EOC reviews 6GB OCZ DDR3-1600 Platinum Edition memory kit
  11. Legit Reviews on 128GB AData S596 JMicron JMF612 SSD
  12. KitGuru reviews 100GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD
  13. Techgage reviews 32GB Corsair Survivor GTR
  14. TestFreaks review Thecus N4200 - Zero-Crash™ with dual-power NAS
  15. Business Computing World reviews Data Robotics DroboElite™

  1. Hardware Canucks review EVGA GeForce GTX 470 Superclocked+
  2. LostCircuits on Asus Matrix 5870 + PowerColor HD 5870 PCS in CrossFireX
  3. [H]ard|OCP reviews MSI R5870 Lightning
  4. Björn3D reviews Sparkle GeForce GTS 250
  5. Tweaknews on Asus ENGT240 1GB
  6. Benchmark Reviews on EVGA UV Plus+ UV-19 USB display hub
  7. Engadget's iPhone 4 review and Samsung Captivate for AT&T preview
    and Samsung Windows Phone 7 prototype hands-on
  8. HotHardware reviews HTC Touch Pro2
  9. Digital Trends reviews Pioneer XW-NAS3 dock for iPod and iPhone
    and has essential gear and gadgets for summer
  10. TweakPC reviews the USB Rocket Launcher (in German)
Power, cases, and cooling

  1. HardwareOC reviews Super Flower Golden Green SF-700P14XE PSU (in German)
  2. Hardware Secrets reviews Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 case
  3. HardwareLogic reviews Antec Fusion Remote Black
  4. OverclockersHQ and ThinkComputers review NZXT Vulcan mATX case
  5. LanOC Reviews on Danger Den water cooling
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