National Handshake Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. AllThingsD reports Google wins YouTube copyright suit; Viacom promises appeal
  2. DailyTech reports Obama administration announces massive piracy crackdown
  3. DigiTimes reports Intel updates notebook CPU lineup and prices
  4. Ars Technica reports Verizon launches Droid X, Google releases Froyo source code
  5. Apple: White iPhone 4 not available until 2nd half of July,
    'more challenging to manufacture than expected'
  6. MacRumors: iPhone 4 is faster than 3GS and slower than iPad in early benchmarks
  7. Blogging Windows: 150 million licenses of Windows 7 sold, Windows Live betas announced
  8. Counter-Strike: Source updates released for PC and Mac (66% off sale until Friday)

National Handshake Day

  1. iSuppli: Semiconductor inventory remains at extremely low levels
  2. C|Net reports Apple expands patent infringement suit against HTC
  3. TC Magazine reports Adobe breaks its revenue prediction for Q2, makes $943 million
  4. reports Microsoft adds music streaming and TV listings to Bing
  5. Legit Reviews interviews Kingston Technology's David Sun
  6. Hardware Heaven has A.C. Ryan - PlayOn! interview with Paula Stevenson
  7. Engadget reports Tokyo Institute of Technology announces
    SSD-packing, 2.39 petaflops supercomputer
  8. Computerworld reports Apple leaves iPad vulnerable after monster iPhone patch job
  9. TC Magazine reports MSI Wind12 U250 laptop gets official
    and MSI readies the DDR3-equipped Wind U135DX netbook
    and Maingear rolls out the eX-L 17 gaming laptop
  10. Fudzilla reports Ontario Fusion 40nm has 18W TDP
    and AMD reportedly working on new mobile chips
  11. Intel's solid-state drives now available at Best Buy
  12. VR-Zone reports Super Talent introduces ShuttleCraft SAS SSD
  13. Engadget reports SanDisk's 1GB WORM SD card stores
    evidence longer than your prison sentence (video)
  14. VR-Zone reports Philips unveils new range of home theater systems, LCD TVs
  15. Expreview reports Arctic Cooling keyboard and two mice exposed
  16. MacRumors: Apple posts user guide for iPhone 4 and iOS 4
  17. Engadget reports EVO 4G gets 802.11n Wi-Fi by changing two lines of code
    and EVO 4G loses 30fps limit thanks to devoted community (video)
    and Nokia N8 to be final Symbian N Series device, all MeeGo from here on out
  18. DSLReports: Verizon tests 10Gbps FiOS and
    recording labels begin astroturf push for U.S. 3 strikes law
  19. Agnitum: Are you a security wizard? (online quiz)
  20. News giants: Limit free riders from rewriting "our" facts
  21. Maximum PC: 8 signs a geek has too much money
  22. AnandTech's 13-year anniversary giveaways continue: 64GB Patriot Zephyr SSD
  23. Dealzon's deals: Lenovo ThinkPad X301 for $1,299, $80 off 14" Dell Vostro 1014,
    $14 off Razer Naga gaming mouse, and $30 off JVC earphones w/ air cushion

  1. NGOHQ: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 notable changes leaked
  2. Microsoft's latest (and oddest) Windows 7 promotion yet
  3. C|Net reports Windows Live update to create wide pipeline to the cloud
  4. Phoronix on how the AMD Catalyst driver has matured since the RV770 launch
  5. Download Squad reports Internet Explorer 9 destroys Chrome 6 in HTML5 speed test (video)
  6. Ars Technica reports openSUSE Linux seeks own direction, more autonomy from Novell
  7. Download Squad on AutoHotkey one-liner: Correct Windows 7's missing "minimize" hotkey
    and Immunet v2 update on the way: adds multi-engine malware and virus scanning to cloud-
    powered core
  8. The Loop reports Adobe Audition coming to the Mac
  9. Ars Technica reports developers expect iOS and Mac OS to merge over time
  10. A taste of Froyo: Google Android 2.2 explored at AnandTech
  11. Google Mobile Blog: Google Maps for Android helps you
    find the right place, catch a train, and add latitude friends
  12. C|Net: Report criticizes Android app model
  13. Sysinternals suite - June 23, 2010
  14. HWiNFO32 v3.53-810
  15. VirtualBox 3.2.6 Beta 2
  16. The Gimp 2.6.9 / 2.7.0
  17. SeaMonkey 2.0.5 security update
  18. Opera 10.60 build 3434: Stability work

  1. CVG reports 70% of Activision's profits are from non-console-based games
  2. IndustryGamers: Nintendo's new online approach 'unlike anything competitors have done to date'
  3. Medal of Honor beta update
  4. Joystiq reports Bad Company 2 'Onslaught' mode hits XBL tomorrow, June 24
  5. BFBC2 PC patch slated for a Monday release?
  6. Shacknews has Deus Ex: Human Revolution Portal 2 E3 2010 previews
  7. Boot Daily on Lord of the Rings Online - Fall update and DX11
  8. VR-Zone reviews Alan Wake (Xbox 360)
  9. KitGuru reviews Need for Speed Shift (iPad)
  10. Source SDK update released on Steam
  11. 10% off pre-purchase on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Resurgence Pack DLC on Steam
Systems and storage

  1. CCE Reviews on Samsung N210 netbook
  2. OverClocked inside: Intel Unlock Overclock phase 3
  3. TweakTown reviews Asus P7F7-E WS SuperComputer (3450 Express) motherboard
  4. BCCHardware reviews 4GB Crucial Ballistix DDR3-1600
    memory kit with M.O.D. temperature sensing
  5. on choosing a solid state drive
  6. OC3D reviews 128GB Crucial C300 RealSSD SATA 6Gb/s
  7. Hardware Canucks review 100GB G.Skill Phoenix SSD
  8. TweakPC reviews Corsair Padlock 2 USB drive with hardware encoding (in German)
  9. Rbmods on Raidsonic IB-NAS6210 NAS

  1. PC Perspective shares industry dirt: GTX 460 saves bacon and a trip to Southern Islands
  2. TechSpot pits Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 SLI vs. AMD Radeon HD 5870 CrossFire
  3. VR-Zone reviews Galaxy GTX 470 GC (8 benchmarks)
  4. techPowerUp! reviews MSI GeForce GTX 465 Twin Frozr II
  5. Björn3D reviews Asus ENGT240
  6. PureOC reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 5670 Ultimate
  7. TweakTown reviews Axle Radeon HD 5670 1GB
  8. TWL on LiveLine IP cameras & web service
  9. techPowerUp! reviews Head-Direct HiFiMAN HE-5LE headphones
  10. Digital Trends on V-Moda Crossfade LP headphones
  11. Engadget's Motorola Droid X first (official) hands-on and unboxing
  12. Legit Reviews does Apple iPhone 4 unboxing
  13. AppleInsider: First reviews of iPhone 4 hit big-name newspapers
  14. TechReviewSource on Apple iPhone 4
  15. Macsimum News cites study: iPhone 3GS 20% more reliable than 3G
  16. Digital Trends: GPS navigation evolved
Power, cases, and cooling

  1. [H]ard|OCP reviews 1000W Kingwin Lazer Gold PSU
  2. Hardware Secrets reviews 600W Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus
    and 450W Asus Atlas A-45GA PSUs
  3. ProClockers review Choiix PowerFort advance portable charger
  4. KitGuru reviews Innergie Mcube Lite universal power adapter
  5. OverclockersHQ reviews In Win Ironclad case
  6. Benchmark Reviews on Lian Li PC-T60 PitStop ATX test bench
  7. Burned iN reviews NZXT Tempest EVO case
  8. Technic3D reviews Maxcube Amoris 6010 case (in German)
  9. Hi Tech Legion reviews Enermax Cluster 120mm LED case fan
  10. Techgage reviews Thermaltake Frio CPU cooler
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