150 million Windows 7 licenses sold to date

Within weeks of Windows 7's launch, it became clear that the new OS was already quite a bit more popular than Vista. That popularity hasn't petered out. Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc updated the Blogging Windows, er, blog yesterday with news that, to date, a whopping 150 million Windows 7 licenses have been sold.

LeBlanc puts that figure in perspective, noting that Microsoft has sold a little over seven copies of Windows 7 every second since the launch. Windows 7 came out in stores on October 22, or about 244 days ago, so that number appears to check out—and it purportedly means Windows 7 is now "the fastest selling operating system in history." (Then again, the blogger doesn't say if he's counting pre-orders and those free Windows 7 upgrade coupons as post-launch sales or not.)

LeBlanc adds that Windows 7 is also proving popular among business customers. He writes, "Approximately 75% of enterprises are looking at Windows 7 for their organization."

I think that last number isn't so much a testament to Windows 7's qualities as a reflection of Vista's negative traits, not to mention enterprise upgrade cycles. Many businesses simply chose to skip Vista and hold on to XP until the next Windows release. With XP support in its last throes, those organizations would be foolish not to at least consider an upgrade to Windows 7.

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