Eurocom notebook probably packs more power than your desktop

I like my laptops like I like my women: thin, light, and with enough stamina to run all day. Oh, and they've gotta be a cheap date. But not, you know, cheap.

Despite this preference, I have to admit to a certain fascination with monstrous gaming notebooks. They may be portly by today's standards and incapable of running around the block without a power cord attached, but gaming notebooks remain far more portable than small-form-factor desktop gaming rigs. Contemporary specimens also ripple with serious hardware.


Take Eurocom's X8100 Leopard, for example. This 18.4" behemoth offers a display resolution as high as 1080p, support for Mobile Core i7 CPUs, the ability to house four hard drives, and your choice of high-end GeForce and Radeon GPUs. Two of AMD's Mobile Radeon 5870s can be combined in CrossFire, and an SLI option is available with a pair of GeForce GTX 280M or 285M GPUs. Users also have the option of configuring the system with a Fermi-based GeForce GTX 480M, although that particular GPU isn't available in an SLI team.

As one might expect, the Leopard becomes gets a little pricey when equipped with cutting-edge hardware. It's also quite a heifer at more than 12 lbs. Eurocom does quote a battery life of "up to" two hours, but I'd be surprised if the system lasted for more than an hour while gaming on the go.

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