Deal of the week: 160GB X25-M for $400, and the mother of all Steam sales

Since the tagline under our logo says "PC Hardware Explored," kicking off this deal post with a hardware deal seems prudent. And we've come across quite a nice one. Intel has cut the price of its 160GB X25-M solid-state drive, bringing the bare, OEM version to a cool $399.99 with free shipping. (The retail model, which has a three-year warranty, will set you back $30 more.)

The X25-M may not be the fastest SSD family around anymore, but at $400 for 160 gigs, it actually offers more capacity per dollar than all those newfangled SandForce and Crucial drives—all with still-excellent performance.

Now that the hardware's out of the way, any self-respecting PC gamer really ought to check out the latest Steam sale. Until July 4, Steam is offering eye-popping deal on a cornucopia of games from all genres. You can get the whole Valve catalog for $66.99, the THQ Complete Pack for $50, all PC Call of Duty games for 30 bucks, and boatloads of games for less than $10 each or less than $5 each... just to name a few. Some 24-hour deals also show up every day, like Aliens versus Predator shooter from 2000 on sale today for $1.25.

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