Dead Rising 2 will hit PCs, consoles on September 28

Way back in February 2009, we found out that the sequel to Capcom's zombie killfest Dead Rising would come out on the PC. (The first game remains an Xbox 360 exclusive.) Today, Shacknews reports that Dead Rising 2 has been postponed by a few weeks to September 28, but it will still arrive for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 simultaneously.

Well, most of the content should be cross-platform. However, the Shack broke the news earlier this month about an Xbox 360-exclusive "downloadable prologue" to the game. Capcom hasn't provided an update on the release date for that piece of content.

Last we heard, Dead Rising 2 was going to take place in a fictional, Vegas-like town called Fortune City, where players would be faced with "tends of thousands of zombies" and some fun new weapons. The original Dead Rising was known for creative zombie-killing implements, including lawn mowers and bowling balls. The sequel probably won't disappoint. A trailer released earlier this year shows the player swinging a pole with chainsaws on both sides of it... and wearing a moose head, using the antlers to plow into the zombie horde. Fun.

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